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Identity Verification made easy and trustworthy with RPACPC

RPACPC is an innovative API service that enables seamless and secure identity and business verification solutions, designed to take your business to the next level. We offer various APIs in identity and business verification, including unique and dominant APIs in the market.

RPACPCs state-of-the-art technology enables you to quickly and easily verify the identity and business information of your customers, vendors and employees streamlining your onboarding and verification processes. Experience the power of RPACPC and stay ahead of the competition.


API services best suited for businesses

GST Verification API

GST Verification API is a tool for verifying GST numbers and obtaining relevant information about GST-registered businesses in India.

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206AB Compliance Check

Tool to verify compliance with section 206AB of the Income Tax Act in India, which deals with the requirement for certain entities to deduct tax at source.

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PAN Status

PAN Status is a tool to verify the status of a Permanent Account Number (PAN) of any individual or organisation issued by the Income Tax Department in India.

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TAN PAN Verification API

TAN PAN API is a powerful tool that enables enterprises to perform real-time verification of their customers’ or clients’ TAN.

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End-to-end Automated Solutions

RPACPC provides real-time, automated and robust identity verification solutions for businesses spanning across various sectors, cutting down the hassle of manual process.

One-stop solution

RPACPC provides complete API solutions for businesses to conduct the mandatory background checks and verification of identity proofs that are super-fast and cost-effective.

Risk Prevention

The various risks involved in the manual identity verification process are completely eliminated by adopting API-based solutions.


Key Features of ‘RPACPC’

We offer great features on some of the most powerful API-based verifications in the market.

Easy to integrate

User-friendly dashboard and API documents makes the overall integration across various languages and platforms - really simple.

Bulk Verification

The API engines are capable of processing bulk data with great accuracy and in a time bound manner.

Onscreen utilization

The RPACPC platform enables users to take maximum advantage of the API services through the onscreen utilization feature, eliminating the restrictions of software codes.

Uptime 24X7

Robust API services with a record 99% uptime with low latency, so you won’t face any issue. But if there is still an issue, we are there for you with our 24x7 support and technical assistance.

Comprehensive API documentation

Comprehensive API documentation enable users to explore the high-level details of the API working and its applicability.

Support and technical assistance

Get support and technical assistance for all your queries.


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Frequently Asked Questions
GST Status is a system that helps an enterprise to do GSTIN verification by using the GSTIN number of any registered company with the highest accuracy in record time.
The user needs to enter the GSTIN number, which is then used to retrieve the data from the government resources & repositories and send it back to your system, where it can be used to validate firm details.
The output response generated by the RPACPC’s GST Verification comprises of Basic details, HSN details, Branch details, Liability paid details and Filing details.
The user only needs to enter their PAN number into the RPACPC Compliance Check API, and our system will fetch the verified data such as PAN number, 206AB/206CCA Compliance check status along with PAN Aadhaar linked status.
Specified Persons are those taxpayers who have not filed their ITR last year, and the return filing deadline has lapsed. Also, the total TDS and TCS amount was Rs. 50,000 or more.
The RPAPCPC’s 206AB Compliance API does just that for you. You can search through a single PAN or multiple PANs (bulk search) for many payees or deductees at once by uploading a EXCEL file.
The RPACPC PAN API takes the PAN number that is entered by the user and fetches the information associated with it from government sources and repositories. It offers the user status of their PAN, including whether it is active, inactive, or invalid.
Simply entering a valid PAN number into the input field will allow you to verify the status of a PAN.
TAN PAN Verification API is a powerful API that allows you to extract the PAN associated with the TAN along with some additional information about the provided TAN.
Tax Deduction Account Number or Tax Collection Account Number is a 10-digit alpha-numeric number issued by the Income-tax Department.

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