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Swiftly file TDS returns with TaxCPC – Secure & Simple

Introducing TaxCPC – a revolutionary cloud-based solution for TDS return filing that simplifies the procedure and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. TaxCPC offers error-free and efficient filing with features like as bulk uploading, auto-validation, and instant error detection and notification.

Say goodbye to time-consuming and tiresome manual filing and welcome to hassle-free compliance. With TaxCPC, you can be rest assured that your TDS return filing procedure is streamlined, and the associated tax complexities are effectively resolved.


Cloud-based efficient tax compliance solutions that works best for you

TaxCPC validates 100% records

Eliminate errors and ensure 100% accuracy in your TDS records with TaxCPC’s reliable validation technology.

Correct rate of deduction

Ensure accurate TDS deductions with ease using TaxCPC’s innovative tax solutions, saving you time and avoiding penalties.

Form 15H/G XML creation and uploading

TaxCPC’s user-friendly interface helps to effortlessly create and upload Form 15H/G in XML format, ensuring seamless compliance.

Issuance of Form 16/16A in a timely manner

Ensure timely issuance of Form 16/16A with TaxCPC’s automated TDS compliance platform, keeping your business in line with regulatory requirements.

Why TaxCPC?
Ease of accessibility

With TaxCPC you will get effortless and quick tax compliance solutions for sure. Being an online tax preparation and filing portal, easy of accessibility is top notch with TaxCPC.


There is no compromise when it comes to our clients’ data’s confidentiality and security. TaxCPC has multiple layers of security features and also we strictly adhere to the legal guidelines of data privacy and protection, as mandated in the intermediary license.

Client Satisfaction

We completely understand that return filing is not a ‘Do and Done’ work. The TaxCPC team and procedures guarantee that we are consistently there for our clients whenever needed – documenting, evaluating and fulfilling the required tax compliances.


Key Features of ‘TaxCPC’

TaxCPC provides smart solutions for enterprises to simplify their tax filing 24*7

TDS Return Filing Utility

TaxCPC is a smart, robust, cloud-based application that helps manage your TDS Return Preparations and Filings 24x7 effectively.

Secure, Effortless Data Handling

TaxCPC provides a platform that can effortlessly process bulk data with ease and ensures security of data at every level.

Smart-Automated System

TaxCPC’s Robust and Automated System helps fetch, compile, process and deliver TDS data that is easy, error-free and quick.

24x7 Support and Assistance

TaxCPC’s cloud-based services ensures that you get hassle free experience 24x7 and a dedicated support to solve your queries anytime, every time.

Real-time Status Updates

Users can stay informed with real-time updates on their tax filings, ensuring timely compliance and reducing the risk of penalties.

Access Data – Anywhere, Anytime

Access your tax filing data anytime, anywhere with TaxCPC's cloud-based platform, ensuring convenience and flexibility for your enterprise


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Frequently Asked Questions
Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) is a mechanism of collecting income tax in India at the source of income generation. The tax is deducted by the person or entity making the payment, and the deducted amount is remitted to the government.
Any person or business entity that makes certain types of payments, such as salary, rent, professional fees, or commission, is required to deduct TDS.
TDS is calculated as a percentage of the payment made. The rate of TDS varies depending on the nature of the payment and the status of the recipient.
TDS needs to be deposited with the government by the 7th of the following month in which the deduction is made. For example, TDS deducted in the month of April needs to be deposited by the 7th of May.
TaxCPC offers a range of TDS compliance solutions, including TDS return filing and TDS reconciliation with a host of features like bulk uploading, real-time error detection and correction, secure data storage and importing data directly from accounting application. Our platform is designed to simplify the TDS compliance process and ensure timely and accurate filings.
You can file TDS returns yourself using TaxCPC's online platform. However, if you are unsure about the TDS compliance process, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional.
If you fail to deduct TDS, you may be liable to pay a penalty and interest. It is important to ensure that TDS is deducted correctly and on time to avoid any penalties.
Yes, TaxCPC's platform offers TDS reconciliation solutions to help you match the TDS deducted with the payments made. This ensures that there are no discrepancies in your TDS filings.
TaxCPC uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify TDS errors and discrepancies. It also provides real-time TDS compliance reports and alerts to help you stay on top of your TDS compliance.
Yes, TaxCPC's TDS compliance solutions are cloud-based, which means you can access them from anywhere, anytime using any device.
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