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ITMS – Integrated Tax Compliance Management System

Empowering States, Simplifying Tax Compliance – ITMS

Presenting Integrated Tax Compliance Management System (ITMS), the ultimate tax compliance solution for state governments in India. Say bye-bye to manual and tedious tax compliance processes, and hello to easy and effective tax automation processes. With features like user-friendly interface, real-time data analytics, and secure data management, ITMS streamlines the entire tax management process for state governments through a single, dedicated platform.


Along with a host of other features, ITMS offers customization and seamless integration with existing IFMS (Integrated Financial Management System) systems of state governments.

itms–integrated tax management system

An Automated end-to-end tax compliance management system customized as per the state government requirements

Customized ITMS Solutions

Our expert team can effectively customize ITMS as per requirement of the various state governments, with an option to upscale.

Centralization of Tax Compliance

Streamline tax compliance with our integrated system, centralizing processes for efficient State Tax Compliance management and monitoring.

Seamless Integration with IFMS

Unlock compliance efficiency and transparency like never before through our ITMS, seamlessly integrating with state governments’ respective IFMS.

One State, One Return

Effective management of tax compliance for the entire state with ITMS – One single platform and with a future vision of ‘One State, One Return’.

Time-bound efficient results

With the rich expertise of the Figment team combined with technology, ITMS has been developed to ease the tax compliances of the state government, providing them with time-bound and efficient results.

Easy-to-use and ability to track

The ITMS is capable of handling complicated tax compliances but is easy-to-use and access across all levels of the state government. Also, right from the bottom to top level, the data can be tracked and accordingly action could be taken immediately in case of any delay or mistake.

Help realize the goal of Zero Defaults – Zero Penalties – Zero Interests

With ITMS in place, state governments can now streamline and make the system more efficient, resulting in proper management and achieving the goal of Zero Defaults – Zero Penalties – Zero Interests.

itms–integrated tax management system

Key Features of ‘ITMS’

A dedicated tech-enabled platform to handle the entire state’s tax compliances effectively.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

ITMS provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing state governments to make data-driven decisions and improve tax compliance and collection.

Plug Tax Leaks Efficiently

The ITMS helps plug tax loopholes through real-time monitoring, ensure compliances and boost revenue for state governments in India through effective compliance management.

Automated and Multi-benefit Tax Compliance

The ITMS is a fully automated system that reduces compliance time and costs, improves accuracy, and eliminates human errors.

Seamless Employee & Vendor declaration

Get employee salary deduction related submissions and further actions by their DDO’s in a seamless & automated manner.

Secure Data Management

ITMS employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to ensure safe and secure storage and management of tax-related data as well as personal financial data of State employees.

Smart Tax Compliance Made Accessible and Affordable

Maximize compliance while minimizing expenses with our cloud-based solution for tax management, tailored for state governments.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) is a mechanism of collecting income tax in India at the source of income generation. The tax is deducted by the person or entity making the payment, and the deducted amount is remitted to the government.
Any person or business entity that makes certain types of payments, such as salary, rent, professional fees, or commission, is required to deduct TDS.
TDS is calculated as a percentage of the payment made. The rate of TDS varies depending on the nature of the payment and the status of the recipient.
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