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TaxParrot is an app developed by FIGMENT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS which provides GST Compliance Details of any GSTIN based on the information available from the GST system. FIGMENT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS hereby expressly disowns and repudiates any claims or liabilities (including but not limited to any third-party claims or liabilities, of any nature whatsoever) regarding the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, and real-time availability of any information and content available in the app, and any intended purposes by the users (whether used directly or indirectly). Users are advised to verify and check any information and content with government websites and/or other sources and to obtain appropriate professional advice before acting on any information provided in the app.

Authorized GST Suvidha Provider

FIGMENT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is an authorized GST Suvidha Provider (https://gstn.org.in/empanelled-gsps) and can access common and public APIs. TaxParrot is developed using these APIs provided by the GST system. There are restrictions on the number of times we can connect to the GST system, and the details shown in the app are limited to the information provided by the APIs, which at times may not have all recent updates as seen on government portals.

Information and Assumptions

Using publicly available information, the app provides insights and inferences. The approach, assumptions, derivations, and scope are detailed below.

GSTIN Search

  1. Caching Policy: To manage the restrictions on API calls, TaxParrot follows a caching policy. The current caching window is:- Return filing date: 3 days- Taxpayer status: 15 daysWhen GSTN servers are down, the caching period is modified to ensure uninterrupted service.
  2. Deciding Eligibility to Collect GST: Only taxpayers with ACTIVE status and certain registration types (e.g., Regular, SEZ, Non-resident taxable person) are allowed to collect taxes. Eligibility can change, and users should verify current status.
  3. Compliance Status: The app displays the latest filing status for different taxpayer types. Users should check the filing history and other details to determine compliance patterns.
  4. E-way Bill Generation Status: E-Way Bill generation may be blocked if GST returns for two consecutive periods are not filed. Users should verify the EWB block/unblock status on the GSTN website.
  5. E-invoice Generation Status: Based on GST rules and e-invoicing portal data, the app determines e-invoice status. Users should verify the status on official portals.

Search by Name and PAN

TaxParrot offers a value-added feature to search taxpayers by name and PAN using the app’s database.


The watchlist feature provides a consolidated view of watch listed GSTINs. Real-time fetches for watchlisted GSTINs are allowed once a day, with subsequent updates subject to the caching policy.


Notifications on GST updates, due dates, and other information sent through TaxParrot are for informational purposes only and may not reflect current legal developments. They are not intended as legal advice.

Scan QR Code

TaxParrot supports scanning QR codes generated on E-Invoices by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) and E-way Bill QR codes, verifying them using published public keys.

Data Sources

– GST Info and Return Filing Status: Common APIs available to GSPs

– E-invoice Status: https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/Others/GSTINsGeneratingIRN

– Public key for e-invoice QR Code verification: https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/Others/Publickeys